Caught in a Lie: Obama Said THIS 16 Times … Then He Denied It!

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Obama’s 2008 campaign strategy included incessant promises to end the war in Iraq. He made good on that promise in 2010, by pulling all American troops out of the region. He did so against the advice of top military officials and despite the fact that the Iraqi Army was far from ready to stand on their own.

Fast forward to the 2012 election, and Obama was reminding everyone and their mother that he had kept his promise of ending the war in Iraq. Funny, now he wants to deny that the decision to pull American troops out of Iraq was his own.

This was perhaps the only time that Obama actually kept his word to the American people. Unfortunately, it has also had the most devastating affect on our country. Islamic terror reigns in Iraq and ISIS is systemically taking over the Middle East, with plans to establish a worldwide caliphate if given the chance. Obama has effectively given them that chance.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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