Welfare Queen SELLS DAUGHTER For Crack

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A surveillance video has been released that appears to show a freeloading mom sell her daughter for crack.

Relisha Rudd, 8, vanished without a trace in February, and judging by their social media accounts, her parents could not have been more pleased.


Relisha’s mother, Shamika Young, posted the status “LMFAO high A** kites” on Facebook just days after her daughter disappeared. Relisha’s father is a convicted killer named Tony, and he posted pictures of himself with wads of cash to the social media site as well.

Shamika and Tony reportedly used the money to buy new clothes and crack for themselves, so we’ve got some parents of the year right here!


It turns out that Shamika and her baby daddy got the cash when they sold Relisha to Khalil Tatum. Surveillance video shows Tatum taking Relisha into a hotel room, and she was never seen again.

Tatum worked as a janitor at the shelter where Shamika lived with the four kids she had so that she could get more welfare payments from the government. When she wasn’t able to have children anymore, she took desperate measures to make some cash…


When police finally noticed Relisha was missing, her grandmother, Melissa Young, conjured up a fake doctor’s note saying that the child was with a Dr. Khalil Tatum. By the time cops finally got on Relisha’s trail, she was already long gone.

To make matters worse, when police came after Tatum, he killed his wife and then himself, causing the case to go cold.

Investigators believe that Relisha is either with sex traffickers, or dead.


Despite everything that has happened, Shamika still claims that she is a great mom and says that no one can judge her. Luckily, her other children have finally been taken away from her.

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H/T: Liveleak

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