BREAKING: Ebola Nurse’s Boyfriend Placed in Quarantine, Exhibiting Deadly Symptoms

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Reports have surfaced that the boyfriend of Ebola-stricken Dallas nurse Nina Pham has been hospitalized for symptoms which suggest he is also infected with the deadly virus.

Two separate employees of Alcon, the company which employs Pham’s boyfriend, reportedly told that Alcon’s CEO had sent out a private message to employees notifying them that Pham’s boyfriend is currently in quarantine. Alcon is an ophthalmological pharmaceutical company. Their US headquarters are in Fort Worth, TX.

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Here is a copy of the alleged email sent by Alcon’s CEO:


Charles Johnson, the reporter who broke this story for Got News, has subsequently had his Twitter account suspended. Additionally, local news outlets in Dallas are not reporting that Pham’s boyfriend has been admitted to the hospital. This may suggest that the mainstream media is being silenced in an attempt to abate widespread panic.

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If there is in fact a third American who has contracted the Ebola virus, the repercussions would be exponentially worse than we previously thought. While the nurse might have infected any number of others she came into contact with, that number would be multiplied if her boyfriend were also carrying the virus.

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