Breaking Hitler, Nazi Dictator Was High On THIS Drug While Leading Germany

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A new report has revealed that Nazi dictator Adolph Hitler was constantly high on crystal meth when he took over Germany and started World War II.

Hitler reportedly used meth to stay awake and energized during the 1930s and 1940s. He was also on 74 other medications including cocaine, morphine, and tranquilizers. He even injected bull semen into his body to boost his testosterone.

Hitler was prescribed these medications by Dr. Theodor Morell, who is described as “a quack and a fraud and a snake oil salesman” by researchers. Hitler was so desperate to get ahold of these drugs that he overlooked the fact that Dr. Morell treated Jews in the early 1930s.

Research reveals that Hitler was high on meth during his last meeting with Italian dictator Mussolini in 1943, where the German ranted for over two hours. During his final days in his bunker in 1945, just before his suicide, Hitler injected crystal meth a total of nine times.

This information comes from a 47-page report by American intelligence in the 1940s. The findings will be presented in the British documentary “Hitler’s Hidden Drug Habit,” which airs on Sunday night.

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H/T: New York Daily News


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