Teen Thug Begs Judge For Mercy After SODOMIZING Classmate With Steel Bar

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18 year-old Fernando Salgado is a cocky young thug who takes pleasure in bullying everyone that he can. That is, until he spends a few weeks in prison.

Now, Salgado is a blubbering child who is begging to be set free despite his violent crimes.

Salgado was arrested for sodomizing a classmate with a steel bar. The offense could land him serious prison time and would brand him as a sex offender for life, yet Salgado thinks that if he asks nicely he will get to simply go home.

He learns the hard way that this is not how the real world works when the judge sets his bail at $300,000. Salgado then throws a temper tantrum, begging cops to let him go as they lead him back to his prison cell where he belongs!

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