African American Celebrity: “Ebola Epidemic is a Form of Population Control”

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On Monday, singer Chris Brown sent out a tweet to his followers that has everyone talking. “I don’t know … But I think this Ebola epidemic is a form of population control. Shit is getting crazy bruh,” he wrote.

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The black community was quick to jump on the bandwagon with the convicted felon.

Earlier this month, Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan tweeted a similar statement. “Methods of Depopulation: Disease infection through bio-weapons such as Ebola & AIDS, which are race targeting weapons,” wrote the notorious racist. His tweet was accompanied by a lengthy article containing what he claimed as “evidence” to support his theory that white people invented Ebola to kill black people. Seriously.

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What do you think of this theory? Are these guys off their rocker? Sound off in the comment section!

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