Cop-Killing Thug Cries And Begs Judge Before Being Sentenced To Death

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Ashford Thompson was once a cocky young thug who killed a cop at a routine traffic stop for absolutely no reason. However, faced with the prospect of the death penalty, this punk is now singing a very different tune…

Thompson, 24, approaches the Judge and claims he is facing brutal “harassment” in prison, including not getting his mail or bedsheets. He also laments that he feels like he “can’t get any kind of justice,” even though he has admitted to killing Officer Joshua Miktarian back in 2008.

Hearing this last part, the Judge decides to take action and give her own form of justice. Not long after this footage was filmed, she sentenced him to death.

Thankfully, we will never need to deal with this blubbering cop-killing idiot ever again…

What do you think about this? Did Thompson get what was coming to him? Sound off in the comments below!

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