Startling New Theory About Obama’s Records Surfaces


October 13, 2014 4:03pm PST

Donald Trump has presented a theory which would explain the origins of the birther argument and also account for Obama’s missing college records. Much of the President’s history remains obscured by lies, coverups and false documentation, leading conservatives to question the legitimacy of everything from his birth records to his sexuality. Now, Trump may have uncovered the root of all this madness.

Speaking at the National Press Club, Trump conceded that there is a “very big chance” Obama was in fact born in America. He believes that the President lied about being born in Kenya to get into college, which would explain where the birther theories originated. It would also account for Obama’s alleged attendance at prestigious schools, despite his below average grades.

Trump explained:

“There are three things that could happen, and one of them did happen. He was perhaps born in Kenya. Very simple, ok? He was perhaps born in this country, but said he was born in Kenya, because if you say you were born in Kenya, you got aid and you got into colleges. And people were doing that. So perhaps he was born in this country, and that has a very big chance.”

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This seems a very viable opinion, especially considering the fact that it wouldn’t be the first time a student of African American descent pulled this stunt. Trump also revealed further evidence that Obama is covering for his past indiscretions:

“A lot of people are questioning the birth certificate. They’re questioning it’s authenticity. But I do say this; I offered $5 million just to see some basic records. Not the marks, not the this – nothing. Just some basic things on applications to colleges. I’d love to see what’s put down. Why didn’t a man take $5 million for his favorite charity? Now then, what wasn’t reported by the press, is sometime just prior to the expiration date of that offer, I raised the offer to $50 million. $50 million! For charity! Pick your charity. $50 million. Let me see your records. And I never heard from him. So, I would take it! I mean, I would take it! And I’d give it to Chicago charities and I’d give it to all sorts of charities and they can use the money.”

Getting into top American schools is much easier for foreign students – especially those from African nations. It is highly likely that Obama began using his race to his advantage as far back as his college days. He certainly never could have made it into Occidental or Columbia without some sort of assistance. Let us know what you think of Trump’s new theory in the comments section.

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