Conservative Journalist Exposes Pelosi’s Corruption with One Question

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Conservative journalist Jason Mattera has found the best possible way to promote his new book, Crapitalism. He is systematically confronting every corrupt politician in Washington, exposing them for what they truly are and putting them in their places.

First, Mattera chased down Lois Lerner in an attempt to show her just how it feels to be targeted. Not surprisingly, Lerner refused to answer his questions regarding her involvement in the IRS scandal.

Next, the author tracked down Majority Leader Harry Reid and was attacked by his body guard for simply asking a question.

Now, Mattera is going after Nancy Pelosi for a deal she made with billionaire and Democrat mega-donor Tom Steyer, in which she funneled billions of tax-payer dollars into a neighborhood gentrification project managed by Steyer’s own hedge fund.

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When confronted by Mattera, Pelosi refused to say a word about the shady deal, seemingly attempting not to incriminate herself. “Did you secure a billion dollars for San Francisco’s light rail project knowing it would benefit Tom Steyer’s investment?” Mattera asked her. “Are you going to talk about your crony connections to Tom Steyer? You know, the money you secured that helped his investment?”

Mattera’s questions were met by stonewalling from Pelosi’s team of bodyguards, who quickly rallied around her to prevent the journalist from getting too close. One of the guards told Mattera to leave his boss alone because she didn’t feel like answering questions. “Well, clearly — she never does,” responded Mattera.

The Democrats love to hate the Koch brothers, incessantly accusing them of crony capitalism. However, the same politicians who shout the loudest in opposition of the rich conservative brothers, are responsible for the most heinous examples of corruption in the government. Do you think Pelosi’s silence on her deal with Tom Steyer makes her look all the more guilty? Tell us in the comments section!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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