Patriotic Cowboys are Riding to D.C., Demanding Removal of Obama

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When the Bureau of Land Management attempted to collect unpaid cattle grazing fees from Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy earlier this year, they caused quite a stir with their tactics and alarming militarization. Though Bundy’s struggle has faded from the headlines, many patriots are still standing up to the BLM and the federal government over what happened at that Nevada cattle ranch.

The Conservative Tribune reported:

A group of about a dozen ranchers and cowboys, calling themselves the “Grass March Cowboy Express,” are riding on horseback from northern California to Washington, D.C. to raise awareness about “BLM tyranny” and deliver petitions to the White House demanding the removal of an “abusive federal employee.”

The “abusive” federal employee is Doug Furtado, manager of the BLM’s Battle Mountain District. The group says Furtado has unfairly blocked their legal right to graze their herds on federal land in central Nevada.

Environmentalists vehemently oppose the Grass March Cowboy Express, arguing that it’s supporters are selfish for letting their herds graze on public land during a drought. But the patriots seek to restore this federally controled public land back to the actual public. They think the people of the states where the land is located should have access and use of it.

Show the Grass March Cowboy Express your support in the comments section. We will be sure to keep you updated as to their progress.

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