Meet The Female Terrorist Killers Who Are Bring ISIS To It’s Knees

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It’s safe to say that being killed by a woman would be the worst fear of a member of ISIS. Everything that a true ISIS terrorist does in this life is to get to his 72 virgins in the next one, and according to their radical Islamic Law, being killed by a woman makes getting into heaven impossible.

Knowing this, the Kurdish people took action and immediately set up a all-female unit that is tough as nails and ready to kill any terrorist that gets in their way.

The women have been extremely successful as they are sent behind enemy lines, where they can use their stealth to get the stupid terrorists to trust them. Last week, it was revealed that top ISIS commander Ebu Waleed had been killed by a female Kurdish fighter.

 Waleed’s death incensed all of ISIS, who believes that their beloved commander is now burning in Hell just because a woman killed him. In actuality, he’s probably burning in Hell along with all his other dead ISIS friends, just because he’s terrorist scum…

Bravo to these brave women for taking down these terrorists and showing them who’s boss!

What do you think of these female fighters? Will they be able to survive the ISIS backlash from Waleed’s death? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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