New Video Features 100 New ISIS Recruits In Training, CHILLING

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It appears that in ISIS training camp being kicked in the stomach and shot at on the ground are part of battle preparation. In a six-minute video titled ‘The Blood of Jihad in Nineveh’ posted on YouTube, recruits are shown somewhere in northern Iraq participating in rudimentary “training.”

This clip features men waiting in line to be kicked, but later in the video there were apparently messages spoken directly to the camera. Attempts to secure the entire video were thwarted as YouTube has now removed it. Kudos to them for not permitting their site to be used for jihad recruiting.

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While ISIS continues to recruit globally and terrorize locally, international efforts to take them out from the air are not yielding the intended results, or at least not quickly. Although  there are Kurdish reports that Kobane is being held and the advance of ISIS has been averted in that area, two weeks of airstrikes were required to meet this end. Refugee camps and smoke continue to pepper the landscape on the Syrian border as the battle rages on.


H/T: Daily Mail

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