Alleged Felon, Vonderitt Myers, Fires At Officers And Is Fatally Wounded

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June 27, 2014 Vonderitt Myers, Jr. is arrested after evading police. Police recovered the gun Myers tossed into a sewage drain and a trial based on felony counts related to this incident were going forward. Myers and his associates, pictured below, were released after the incident even though charges were pending.

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Prior to the June incident, Myers had brushes with the law that caused him to accumulate three bench warrants. Myers, 18, asserted these warrants were the reason he fled from police 3 1/2 months ago.

October 8, 2014 Vonderitt Myers, Jr. is shot to death by an off duty St. Louis police officer who was in uniform and working a security job with departmental permission. Witnesses state Myers fired three times at police who returned fire with greater accuracy than the late Myers.

None of these facts are in dispute. Even residents of the Shaw neighborhood where the shooting occurred do not deny Myers fired first and repeatedly. Many claim he was a “good kid” and “no one would say anything bad about him.” But, what outcome does one expect from shooting at police officers? Is this not the rational conclusion to the actions taken by the deceased?

Since this shooting took place a mere 10 miles from Ferguson, where unarmed Michael Brown was fatally injured two months ago, the two cases will become inextricably intertwined. Though there are glaring differences and no evidence thus far of police misconduct in either case, it is important to examine the similarities.

Two men, both with criminal records and reputations, encountered armed police officers. One ran from the police, the other ran toward them. Both reactions are indicative of guilt. An innocent person follows the instructions of the officer and puts hands up so that innocence can be verified. The incident ends, no news is made, and no allegations of racism are necessary because the ethnicity of neither officer nor suspect is relevant.

It is always sad when America loses a son or daughter. Equally sad, however, are the “civil rights” activists who swoop in to get face time over it. Two lives have been lost at the hands of police. As evidenced by the recently released photos of these troubled teens however, they were not definitively innocent lives. These men were criminals who were behaving criminally who then took aggressive postures with law enforcement. The expected outcome in these scenarios is, unfortunately, the shooting of the criminal.

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