Sexy Adult Halloween Costumes Now Available For CHILDREN

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Parents everywhere are outraged after the sexy Halloween costumes usually reserved for adults were made available for young children this year.

For many years now, Halloween has been a time when women can dress as sexually as they want in costumes like “sexy nurse” and “dirty cop,” but this year even young girls will be wearing these outfits as well.

For example, the “cop cutie” outfit for 8 year-olds features a child in a short skirt holding handcuffs and wearing high heeled leather boots. The advertisement for it also says that it is available in toddler sizes.

“That is just ridiculous. It is so unnecessary,” says Christopher Persley, a 41 year-old father of a toddler. “It’s getting worse. I remember seeing these types of costumes for girls in sixth, seventh and eighth grade, which made me uncomfortable then. Now it’s gotten even younger.”

“Why is she in knee-high boots and heels — and why isn’t she in pants? Real female cops don’t wear skirts,” says Peter Armenia, 51. “It’s like, ‘Boy, that looks sexy. Boy, she’s 5!’ That’s really not great.”

Experts warn that dressing young girls in these costumes could have drastic consequences on their psyche.

“Some argue that these costumes are trivial, the girls are just having fun, but the consequences aren’t trivial,” says Jean Kilbourne, a media educator specializing in advertising’s effect on women’s issues.

“Girls who are exposed to sexualized images from a young age are much more prone to eating disorders, lower self esteem and DEPRESSION,” Kilbourne added. “These costumes set girls up to be looked at as objects by men, and also lead them to see themselves as objects to be ogled. Yet every year costumes are getting sluttier.”

Look at the costumes yourself and see what you think. Are they inappropriate for young girls? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: New York Daily News

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