Resurrection of Ebola Patients Prompts Zombie Apocalypse Preparation

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SPOILER ALERT: Part of this video gives away details of Season 5 of the Walking Dead. Other parts, however, are far more distressing.

It seems two Ebola patients from two different villages were presumed dead recently. Shortly thereafter, it became apparent both women were merely comatose. Widely reported throughout Africa as “resurrections”, terms like zombie and walking dead created a bit of a stir as the Ebola outbreak was just beginning.

Also, routine training for troops who respond in the event of mob activity of various types often include an element of fantasy. Reports of U.S. troops preparing for a zombie apocalypse have been misrepresented as actual preparation for such a thing when, in truth, it was a tactic to interject a little excitement into pandemic containment exercises. The methods used to “fight zombies” would presumably be the same as those used by the military to contain infected patients in the event of a pandemic situation. Sadly, these exercises may be relied upon in the not too distant future. U.S. Troops are setting up Ebola tent hospitals even now.

Finally, with zombies everywhere, it is remarkable the lengths to which some will go for 15 minutes of fame. False reports of Ebola resurrections, other than the two aforementioned females, were released when the Ebola patient in Dallas was first reported. Even though zombies are not real and Ebola neither causes “zombi-ism” nor spontaneous resurrection, it does at least call attention to how little is known about the virus and how little the Obama Administration is doing to prevent further instances of it in the U.S.

For fans of the Walking Dead, it would appear that real life is mimicking fiction. Just as people pose a more significant issue than the zombies in the show, the same is true in reality.

H/T: InfoWars


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