Conservative Christians Win HUGE Victory Against Radical Islam

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Farragut High School in Tennessee was set to host an after-hours event for Act! America, until two local Muslim leaders decided to throw a wrench in those plans. The radical Islamists convinced school officials that Act! America is a “hate group,” spewing discriminatory rhetoric that is unacceptable for any school to be involved in.

Ibrahim Hooper, communications director for the Council for American-Islamic Relations, and AbdulRaman Murphy, a Muslim youth chaplain at the University of Tennessee, protested the Act! America event, saying that it could insight violence. This is laughable, considering the fact that it is almost always Muslims who instigate violence against Christians – not the other way around. Still, perhaps fearing backlash from the Muslim community, authorities canned the February event.

Luckily, Act! America’s Knoxville chapter president, John Peach, was willing to stand up for the Constitutional rights of conservative Americans. He, along with a speaker who was slated to appear at the cancelled event, filed a lawsuit against the school district for their decision.

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Seeing as the district had clearly violated First and Fourth Amendment rights when they attempted to silence Act! America, they quickly chose to settle the lawsuit out of court and pay all of Peach’s legal fees. The settlement agreement was finalized in less than two months. The Conservative Tribune revealed that the agreement includes the implementation of a new policy, which will prohibit school officials from approving or disapproving school use requests based on the content of the speech to be discussed during scheduled events on school grounds.

Freedom X, a non-profit legal group, fights discrimination against conservatives and Christians. The president of the organization, Bill Becker, told the media, “Shariah is incompatible with our constitutional and legal protections. That was the message Knox County school officials tried to censor. It is unfortunate we have to educate the educators about our freedoms, but we are thankful that Knox county attorneys recognized litigation would have been futile for the district.”

The liberal education system’s attempt to encourage open-mindedness through censoring free speech is fundamentally absurd. Let us know how you feel about this report in the comments section!

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