Whoopi Goldberg Whines About Slavery, Then THIS Happens

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A newly surfaced video clip shows Whoopi Goldberg whine about slavery in a desperate attempt to get sympathy. Instead, all she does is expose herself as a liberal fool.

The footage begins with John McCain being interviewed on “The View,” and the senator attempts to explain to the female hosts that he wishes to uphold the constitution as much as possible. The View’s village idiot Whoopi takes this quite literally, and becomes visibly terrified.

Eventually, she asks McCain in a fearful tone whether she needs to worry about being returned to slavery again. The senator is stunned by this ridiculous question, and he doesn’t even know how to respond.

In the end, Barbara Walters steps in and saves Whoopi from further embarrassment, but the damage is already done. After watching this clip, you will have no doubt that Whoopi Goldberg is an ignorant liberal fool.

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