Former Schoolteacher Earns Six Figures By Doing THIS Sexy Thing

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Just a few months ago, 22 year-old Jessica Vanessa was barely making ends meet as a teacher’s assistant in Florida. That all changed when the twerking phenomenon hit, and advertisers discovered Jessica’s special talent.

Jessica began posting twerking videos on the video site Vine, and her stuff quickly went viral. Now, Jessica claims that she is making over six figures just for twerking online, which allowed her to quit her job and focus on twerking full-time.

“What I make in six seconds would take me four months to make as a teaching assistant,” Jessica said proudly. “It’s definitely a blessing. I bought a new car, paid it off in full and I was able to get out of debt from the school that I graduated from.”

While many are puzzled by Jessica’s newfound success, she says it is all thanks to her loyal fans.

“It’s quite simple really, the more followers you get, the more advertisers want to pay you for mentioning their products – and I’ve got lots.”


Jessica now sees her videos as art, and mixes comedy with dancing to keep her fans interested. While millions of people love her videos, she said she has already gotten a taste of the hatred that many celebrities face every day.

“I’m not a celebrity but I do get a taste of what they have to go through – I have strangers calling me a whore, people calling me fat, people calling me ugly, people saying just about any mean thing you could say,” she lamented.

Despite the backlash, Jessica has no regrets about her career choice. She just feels lucky that she gets paid to do what she loves.

“As a little girl I always wanted to be somebody big, I always wanted to entertain people, I would sing, I would dance, I would do whatever it took and if I got a laugh out of people I knew I was doing something right,” Jessica said.

“I always enjoyed doing random crazy stuff so when I got a day job it was not something I enjoyed doing. Now I look at Vine as an outlet to many different opportunities which I enjoy doing now.”

H/T: Daily Mail

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