OJ Simpson Has Sex With HIV-Positive Transexual In Prison, Then THIS Happens

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OJ Simpson is known as one of the most brutal killers of the 20th century who was able to get away with his crime, but it appears that karma has finally caught up with him.

Back in 1994, OJ was accused of violently killing his estranged wife, Nicole Simpson, and her friend Ron Goldman. Even though he clearly did it, he was outrageously acquitted after a sensational trial that spelled the beginning of race-baiting in this country.

OJ remained free for the next 14 years, until he was arrested for theft in Las Vegas after a confrontation over sports memorabilia. Even though OJ claimed he was just reclaiming merchandise that was his in the first place, the jury wasn’t buying it this time. They sentenced OJ to 33 years in prison, giving him nine years until he is eligible for parole.


This week, it was revealed that karma may have dealt OJ another blow by giving him HIV. A transexual prostitute named Jazmena Jameson served time with OJ, and she recently told the press about her sexual encounter with the former NFL star.

Jazmena describes herself as the “closest thing to a woman” in prison, and says that she is a very flirtatious person. She worked in the laundry in the prison and used to deliver OJ’s clothes to his cell every other day. The pair flirted for several months before OJ finally made a move.


‘”Finally one day he said, ”You have big t—ies. Are those implants or the hormone shots?'” Jazmena said. “And he wanted to see them – I don’t mind showing anyone, you know, so I ended up showing them to him. He said, ‘You better get up out of here!'”

Even though nothing happened that day, a seed had been planted. Jazmena soon began dancing for OJ, and things escalated quickly.

“I walked up on him and said, ‘You can stop me if you want to,'”she later said. “I knew he wasn’t going to stop me. I ended up having oral sex with him.”

Jazmena was so candid with reporters that she even claimed that OJ ejaculated on his own stomach. The prostitute also had another bombshell to tell the press: she’s HIV positive.

Much research has been done into whether or not HIV can be transported from oral sex, and the results have been inconclusive. Though the chances of contracting the virus from oral sex may be low, it has happened in past cases.

If OJ Simpson does indeed have HIV, it would definitely be karma for all the pain and suffering he has caused the world.

What do you think? Does OJ Simpson deserve to get HIV? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail

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