Whoopi Goldberg Curses Out Ann Coulter, Then THIS Happens

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“The View” has developed a reputation as a television show in which it’s ignorant liberal hosts bark out their opinions as loud as they can. This clip shows Ann Coulter enter this lion’s den, and she handles these idiot women beautifully.

Coulter is on the show to promote her new book which is meant to attack race-baiting white liberals. Unsurprisingly, this concept is a bit too intellectual for women like Whoopi Goldberg to understand, so they attack Coulter for being racist.

Eventually, Goldberg curses at Coulter in frustration, but instead of sinking to the liberal’s level, Coulter keeps her cool. She smiles at the women, clearly seeing the humor in the fact that they are too stupid to understand what she is talking about.

In the end, Ann Coulter takes the high road, leaving Whoopi and her minions to bark at her from below.

What do you think about how Ann Coulter handled herself? Sound off in the comments below!

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