Attorney Confirms Government Rigged Election In Obama’s Favor

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A Washington attorney has confirmed that the government rigged the 2012 election by having the IRS go after conservative groups after the rise of the Tea Party.

In 2010, the government panicked when the Tea Party became so successful and created a spike in Republican followers. To combat this, they called in the IRS to take action.

The IRS then did things like delaying applications for 501(c)4 tax-exempt status, which is the form that allows organizations to deduct their donations from their taxes. There was also a strong increase in the number of conservatives who were audited by the IRS.

Jay Sekulow is the Chief Counsel for the American Center of Law and Justice, and he has been at the forefront of the battle against the IRS since it began. During a recent interview, he spoke out and blasted the Obama administration for what they have done as well as for covering it up:

“The root of the IRS scandal is the Obama Administration’s hostility to dissent. Early in his first term, President Obama loudly and clearly declared his hostility to 501(c)(4) groups, even insinuating that they were receiving foreign money to oppose his domestic policies. A highly partisan IRS followed the President’s public advice and began targeting conservatives. It investigated conservative donors, conservative nonprofits, and even attempted to initiate criminal prosecutions with no evidence of wrongdoing.”

“This targeting had an undeniable impact, perhaps even materially impacting the 2012 election.”

“Finally, I do believe we will determine the truth—the whole truth—about the IRS scandal, but it may take years. The wheels of justice sometimes turn slowly, but we do believe justice will be done. We’ve sued the IRS on behalf of dozens of conservative groups, and we won’t rest until we’ve held the IRS accountable.”

Hopefully, Sekulow is right in his belief that one day Obama will be exposed to the world as the lying cheat that he is. This case highlights how difficult it is to be a conservative in this country, where we seem to face persecution at every turn.

What do you think about what Sekulow said? Will Obama and the IRS ever be exposed, or will they get away with their crimes? Sound off in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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