The Feds Are Fighting To Keep This Secret “Doomsday Book” Away From Americans

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Despite the Obama Administration’s claims of total transparency, there’s an awful lot they are hiding from the American people. A current multi-billion dollar lawsuit has brought one such issue into the limelight which Obama and his cronies are trying desperately to keep a secret.

American International Group, Inc (AIG) was a recipient of the government’s massive 2008 bailouts. Now, the company’s shareholders are involved in a $40 billion class action lawsuit with the federal government over the government’s seizure of 79.9% of the company’s equity following the bailout.

During proceedings, David Boies, the attorney for AIG shareholders, entered into evidence three separate copies of a government “Doomsday Book,” which is apparently some sort of emergency manual for the feds, should a nationwide financial crisis occur. Immediately, New York Fed John Kiernan requested that the book be sealed in an effort to keep it’s contents from going public.

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US Court of Claims Judge Thomas Wheeler approved a temporary sealing of the evidence, pending a later hearing at which time the merit of a permanent seal would be evaluated.

Adding to suspicions, Ben Swann reported that on the day former US Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner took the stand to testify, several prominent figures involved in the lawsuit were seen whispering amongst each other as to which parts of the “Doomsday Book” to openly question Geithner about in court.

Geithner acknowledged the existence of the “Doomsday Book” in his own book, Stress Test. In court, he claimed that the feds did consult the book during the 2007-2008 financial crisis, but ultimately decided agains heeding it’s advice. “We did occasionally go back and consult it as things were eroding around us… I don’t think it would be fair to say I consulted it extensively during that period,” said Geithner.

What information do you think this “Doomsday Book” holds? It can’t be good if the government is working overtime to hide it from the American people. Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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