Sadie Robertson Accidentally Reveals Shocking Truth About “Duck Dynasty”

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In a “Dancing With the Stars” web exclusive, Sadie Robertson may have accidentally admitted to something which will irreparably damage the reputation of her family’s hit reality TV show. The 17-year-old remarked that the scariest part of performing on DWTS is the fact that she has only one chance to get it right. “That freaks me out because I’m on ‘Duck Dynasty,’ it’s like recorded way, like 3 months before it shows,” said Robertson. “We get to record it like 10 different times if we mess up. This is like, you get one shot. If you mess up, 15 million people see it,” she continued.

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It’s no secret that producers and film crews stage many aspects of reality shows, however, it’s considered a big “no no” for any star to come right out and admit it. Do you think that Sadie Robertson’s little slip-up will cause “Duck Dynasty” ratings to plummet? Sound off in the comments section!

H/T: FOX411

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