Mom-Killing Teen Admits, “I Guess I Lost My Virginity To A Dead Corpse”

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An 18 year-old Texas psycho was sentenced to life in prison on Wednesday for killing his mother and raping her corpse.

Kevin Jazrael Davis strangled his mother, Kimberly Hill, on March 26. He then grabbed a hammer and hit her in the head 20 times before raping her.

Davis had previously turned down a plea deal from prosecutors that would have sentenced him to 60 years in jail. In the end, the jury took less than an hour to decide to lock him up for life.

“The crime scene was like something out of a movie,” prosecutor Kim Gonzalez said. “The things that Kevin Davis confessed to doing to his mother and the way her hurt her weren’t things you see every day.”

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Davis admitted to having violent sexual fantasies about both his mother and his sister. In fact, he had also planned to kill his sister that day, but abandoned the plan when she didn’t come home at her usual time.

The killer teen showed no remorse when talking to police, saying, “I guess I lost my virginity to a dead corpse.”

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H/T: New York Daily News

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