Bob Beckel Threatens Conservative Reporter’s Life: “Bring a Knife, Punk!”

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Conservative reporter Jason Mattera released a video earlier this week which was applauded by many on the far right, but also chastised by the hosts of Fox News’ The Five. In case you missed it, Mattera chased down Lois Lerner while she was walking her dogs in her posh neighborhood outside of Washington, D.C. Lerner refused to answer any of Mattera’s questions regarding the IRS scandal, and attempted to bust into a neighbor’s home to evade him. Unfortunately, her neighbor would not let her in, leaving her on the stoop to dodge Mattera’s questions. Take a look at the uncut footage of what transpired between Lerner and Mattera:

Mattera was trying to turn the tables on Lerner, targeting the liberal woman who had targeted so many Conservatives. However, the co-hosts of The Five generally agreed that he went about this entirely wrong. “It takes a special gift, to make the least sympathetic bureaucrat on the planet look sympathetic,” commented Greg Gutfeld. “Seriously, that even made me feel bad for Lerner, and I can’t stand her!”

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No one was more disgusted with Mattera than liberal windbag Bob Beckel, who challenged Mattera, a man half his age, to a knife fight. “Bring a knife, punk!” he threatened. Real mature, Beckel.

Mattera has stepped up to accept Beckel’s challenge, though it’s unlikely he will be bringing a knife.

Mattera has also defended his stance with Lois Lerner on social media, refusing to bend even after he was not supported by Fox News.

Bob Beckel clearly has a few screws loose. Does having a liberal nut job like him on the Fox News panel damage the credibility of the rest of his co-hosts? Tell us what you think in the comments section!

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