Caught On Camera In A Lie, Burka Clad Violator Is Shocked By Her Sentence

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In a stunning twist of the fate, a recent encounter by a police officer with a burka wearing woman was caught on tape revealing her false allegations and misbehavior. Ironically, the very item of clothing which the woman claimed caused her to be targeted for the traffic stop is now the primary article in her defense.

Carnita Matthews appears in this video accusing the officer of racism. It is obvious that this policeman could not have seen her race if he had tried given that barely an inch of her skin was visible and that certainly would have been difficult to observe at night in a moving vehicle.

After being cited for failure to display her license properly, Matthews proceeded to file a formal claim of racism against this officer. Such claims can ruin careers, so it is certainly fortunate for this policeman that his car-cam caught the entire encounter. Further, this Muslim woman attempted to claim that she could not lower her veil to identify herself. Islamic officials later refuted this fact. She also accused the officer of attempting to grab her veil, which is clearly untrue as the uninterrupted video from the police car captures the entire event including Ms. Matthews leaving in her vehicle.

Carnita Matthews, burka and all, will now serve 6 months in jail for filing a false claim. Her attorney, however, is appealing and asserting it wasn’t his client that filed the claim and that her identity cannot be proven given the burka she wears. That’s rich. Her claim now goes something like this: she wears a burka because of her religion, she is “targeted” for wearing it and such targeting is “racism”, when she lies to authorities and files a false claim she refuses to lower her veil, again, and therefore cannot be positively identified and can’t possibly be found guilty.

It’s a good thing  for justice that the magistrate in this case isn’t a complete idiot like a number of the liberal zealots sitting on the bench in the United States. He saw through this charade and gave this poorly informed law breaker what she deserved. Equality under the law, isn’t that the standard?

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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