What Phil Robertson Just Said Could Get “Duck Dynasty” Cancelled Forever

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Phil Robertson, of Duck Dynasty fame, is no stranger to controversy. This time, however, he may have taken one step too far into Biblical truth land. Liberals and non-Christians are averse to teaching abstinence until marriage or any form of sexual restraint whatsoever. Phil states, “…Biblical sex is safe sex…”

He goes on to argue that if one man and one woman only have sex after they are married and only with each other, there is practically no risk of sexually transmitted disease. No matter what one may believe, that fact is basically irrefutable. Condoms break, barriers fail, but if you aren’t having sex with an infected person, you will not contract a disease. Phil gives the “masters of exceptions” one caveat: blood transfusions, which he claims result in only the rarest transmission.

According to the CDC fact sheet from 2013, there are 20 million new STD cases each year (last data 2008). Total STD infections in the U.S. as of 2008 were 110million, and those are reported cases. STD infections cost Americans over $16 billion per year. “Living a life of …restraint before God” may not be bad advice from the Duck Commander when you consider up to 25% of the new infections each year are likely to go untreated long enough to cause genuine health problems including sterility.

Liberal politicians, Hollywood elitists, and some regular folks may not live their lives by the Bible, but dismissing the rising cases of sexually transmitted disease in this country outright is a mistake. Phil may be on to something. Strange how what he’s on to has been being preached for over 2000 years and seems to always be controversial.

H/T: Western Journalism

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