You Won’t Believe What Michelle Obama Just Blamed on “This Country”


October 8, 2014 1:27pm PST

For the October 14 issue of Redbook magazine, Michelle Obama took time out of her busy schedule of vacationing and micromanaging adolescent diets, to do a bit of campaigning for the Democrats. She spoke with five female veterans struggling to find employment, and she did her best to appear sympathetic.

“She’s been trained to be a leader,” Obama said of one unemployed veteran, “and this country’s not giving her that opportunity, someone who wants it so desperately.”

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That’s right, according to Michelle, it’s the country’s fault that veterans can’t find work.

Allow me to enlighten you, Mrs. Obama. Six million fewer people are working in America today than in 2007, before your husband took office. That’s not because American citizens don’t want to give veterans opportunities; it’s because your husband’s reckless spending, coupled with his disastrous public policies, have decimated our economy. You can’t blame this one on George Bush.

“A lot of people think you guys come out of the military and the country is taking care of you, but the transition is tough,” Michelle added.

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The First Lady will soon be in for a tough transition herself. As soon as she exits the White House, she will no longer be allowed the privilege of implementing ridiculously overreaching public policies. She’ll also have to give up the gourmet chef and the makeup artist she generously pays $25,000 per day. Oh yeah, and all the vacationing she does on the tax-payers’ dime will come an abrupt halt. Something tells me Michelle Obama won’t handle this life change as gracefully as the female veterans she spoke to, who have been through far more than she has.

H/T: Conservative Tribune


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