Obama’s Top 10 Most Nauseating Insults to the US Military

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In no particular order:

1. Obama infuriated American patriots by skipping the funeral for Major General Harold Greene, the highest-ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam. You can read more on this slap in the face to an American hero here.

2. The infamous “latte salute.” 

3. When he’s not saluting with latte in hand, he’s not saluting at all.

4. Soldiers fighting against radical Islamists overseas were asked by the Obama Administration to adhere to Sharia Law during Ramadan. Troops in Bahrain were encouraged to dress more conservatively, so as not to offend any Muslims. A June report revealed: “The Navy is requiring men to wear long-sleeved shirts and long pants, while women are required to wear sleeved blouses that cover their elbows and pants or skirts that go past their knees. Additionally, the cultural advisers on base have spent the last few weeks giving Ramadan briefs to Americans in an effort to educate them about the holy month.”


5. Obama threatened to arrest military chaplains who held church services during the government shutdown. You can read more about this disgusting assault on Christian members of the military here.


6. In a direct violation of military regulations, Obama looked past all of his civilian aides and ordered two Marines to hold umbrellas over his and a Prime Minister’s head, during an entire speech in the Rose Garden. To add insult to injury, he reportedly old the Marines “they will look better” standing next to the President.

7. Obama is currently in the process of sending thousands of American soldiers to Ebola-stricken West Africa. This move is likely to lead to the deaths of many brave U.S. soldiers, while accomplishing very little. Health professionals have thus far been unable to contain the highly-contagious Ebola virus, which has likely become airborne. Obama pulled troops out of the Middle East only to send them on a ridiculous mission in West Africa.


8. Obama is deliberately censoring top military officials by threatening their jobs. Retired Lt. Gen. Jerry Boykin revealed proof of this in an interview with Fox News. “Well, don’t think there’s any question that the Pentagon is at odds with the administration at this point,” Boykin remarked. “Look, when the chairman of the Joint Chiefs makes a statement on Thursday and then backtracks on Sunday from what he said, it’s a clear indication that he’s been given some instructions from the White House to modify what he said.”


9. When Special Operations Petty Officer 1st Class Carl Higbie decided to write a book exposing Obama’s broken policies, he was given an ultimatum by the administration: stick to his guns and face dishonorable discharge, or leave willingly from the force with his dignity intact. Higbie opted for the later and released his book, Battle on the Homefront: A Navy SEAL’s Mission to Save the American Dream. He says, “I have put my country in front of my career. I did not like the idea that my career was going to suffer because of my book, but someone had to speak out. Almost everyone is a patriot behind closed doors, but real patriots are those who are willing to step out from behind those doors and speak out.” You can read more on Higbie’s story here.


10. It’s no secret that Obama supports the terrorists responsible for taking the lives of innocent American civilians and U.S. soldiers.


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