California Drivers Find Epic Way to Diss Obama

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Los Angeles has been the mecca of Obama supporters, with Tinsel Town socialites hosting lavish fundraisers in his name and celebrities doling out millions of dollars in campaign funding. This Thursday, the President will be in town for another fundraiser, this time at the home of liberal actress Gwyneth Paltrow. Considering all this, you know things are bad for Obama when SoCal turns on him.

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Drivers from the Los Angeles area have been caught welcoming the President to their hometown with bumper stickers featuring the word Ebola with the Obama logo replacing the letter “o.” Take a look:

Obola Ebola Sticker(1) EOY

Perhaps the idea for these bumper stickers sprang from actor Steve Howey’s recent tweet which compared Obama to Ebola, saying, “People shouldn’t be so scared about this virus from Africa. He only has two more years of his presidency.”

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In the wake of the Ebola outbreak, which is quickly spreading from West Africa to the rest of the world, many believe Obama is putting Americans in danger by not restricting travel from countries heavily stricken with the virus. The President’s laughable excuse for not implementing air travel restrictions was that it would serve to make the rest of the world distrust America. As if anyone trusts anything he says anymore.

Would you slap one of these hilarious bumper stickers on your vehicle? Tell us in the comments section!

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