School’s Prayer Ban Backfires in the Best Way Possible

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Davidson County, N.C., school officials made a move last week which enraged the God-fearing community and prompted them to take an epic stand against the war on Christianity.

When authorities banned the use of school public address systems to recite a prayer before football games, the Christian players and their families were not about to go down without a fight. Student Samantha Warwick and some of her friends started the tradition of praying before games last year, and the practice was quickly adopted by the heavily Christian community.

But it wasn’t long before authorities stepped in to quash their efforts. The school district demanded that the Christian students stop praying, and rather observe a moment of silence before the games.

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In response, students, players and staff from Ledford High School joined hands before Friday’s football game and recited the Lord’s Prayer. The community joined in as well, as hundreds of people showed the PC police who’s boss. The demonstration was initiated by Pastor Mark Hollar of Abbot’s Creek Missionary Baptist Church, along with other Christian leaders from the area.

The vast majority of Americans support prayer in public schools, though acknowledge that it should not be mandatory. Still, a tiny percentage of far left atheists have made it their mission to shred the Christian values this great country was founded on. As the Conservative Tribune stated, “The First Amendment was not intended to keep religion out of our government; it was written to keep government out of our religion.” Let us know what you think of this report in the comments section.

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