Military College Football Team Ignores Atheists In Epic Way

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The Atheists in America have appeared to be even louder than usual lately. Atheist groups have been going after football teams in particular recently as they try to get the teams to stop praying during games.

In the last month or so, atheists have zeroed in on the United States Air Force Academy as one of their prime targets. They forced the school to remove the phrase “Under God” from their oath and also made it impossible for students to post inspirational bible verses in their dorm rooms.

However, the loudmouth Atheists met their match in the Air Force football team.

During a recent game against Arizona Christian University, the captain of ACU led both teams in a joint prayer. The Atheists in attendance were fuming as the players on the field all knelt in prayer.

“As the photo indicates,” ACU President Lee Munsil noted, “while extreme anti-Christian groups may try to drive military cadets away from expressing their faith, young men of courage and Christian commitment will continue finding ways to express their faith in public.”

ACU and the Air Force Academy made it clear that they will NOT be bullied by loudmouth Atheists. Do you think they did the right thing? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Conservative Tribune

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