Obama Disrespects Military Veteran

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President Obama caused some outrage this summer when he skipped the funeral of the highest-ranking officer killed in combat since Vietnam.

Major General Harold Greene, a 2-star general, was killed in Afghanistan on August 5. Weeks later he was laid to rest in Arlington National Cemetery with not a single high-ranking government official in sight.

  There has been a longstanding tradition in the White House in which the President attends the funerals of high-ranking military officials killed in combat. Nixon adhered to this rule in Vietnam, and Bush stuck to this rule with the war in Iraq. With his blatant disregard for our military, it isn’t much of a surprise that Obama couldn’t find the time to attend this service.

 Not only did Obama not show up: he also made sure most of his administration ditched the funeral too. Obama didn’t even send Vice President Biden in his place. Instead, the only member of the administration to attend was Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel.

It’s truly disgusting that the men and women who fight and die for our country can’t even count on the support of our President these days…

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H/T: Bizpac Review

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