Uniformed U.S. Army Captain Brutally Attacked At Walmart

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This disturbing video shows a U.S. Army Captain get brutally assaulted at a Walmart cash register.

The captain was wearing his uniform as he shopped, and was paying at the register when a fellow customer began to yell derogatory things about America.

“It started with the middle finger and the officer asked if it was for him or something of that nature and it escalated from there,” said Officer Steve Smith, according to the video description.

The angry man then attacked the 43 year-old army veteran, punching him repeatedly in the face. Even though his injuries were serious, the captain never fought back during the attack.

“It looks like he displayed a great deal of restraint which is consistent with the armed forces, law enforcement and public service. We are held at a higher standard and you have to commend him for being able to have that restraint,” said Smith.

The man who assaulted the captain has been identified as Yiqiang Wu, 47. He has since been charged with a hate crime, and police say he suffers from a mental illness.

Officer Smith later expressed how important it is for people to see this video.

“We thought it was important to get this out obviously because of the uniformed aspect. He is a person that serves our country and it not only happens to police but to public servants every day.”

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