Female Soldier Detonates Suicide Bomb, Destroys ISIS Terrorists

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A female Kurdish soldier named Arin Mirkin is being regarded as a hero by the entire world. Mirkin detonated a suicide bomb when she was faced with the prospect of being taken prisoner by ISIS, and the explosion’s blast killed an unknown number of the radical terrorists she was fighting against.


Arin Mirkin is the first female Kurdish soldier to detonate a suicide bomb in an attack against ISIS.

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ISIS’ rise has prompted an unprecedented number of female soldiers to take up arms against the brutal terrorist organization, which is responsible for slaughtering Christians and selling small girls as sex slaves. Mirkin is one such female hero, who was willing to lay down her life in order to leave the world a better place. Show her your support in the comments section.


Female Kurdish fighters swear an oath of allegiance during training exercises.

H/T: Gateway Pundit

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