Lois Lerner Gets Targeted by a Reporter, Tries Busting Into Neighbors’ House

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Apparently, even Lois Lerner’s neighbors can’t stand her. While out walking her dogs in her upscale neighborhood in Bethesda, MD,  conservative journalist Jason Mattera tried to ask her about her involvement in the IRS scandal. Lerner not only refused to speak to him, she fled to a neighbor’s home, which she tried to bust inside.

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Unfortunately, Lerner’s neighbors are not her biggest fans. Maybe they’re Conservatives…

They refused to let Lerner into their home, forcing her to stand on the front porch dodging questions from Mattera. For some reason, Lerner refused to leave the stoop, begging to be let inside. Eventually, an elderly man came outside to investigate the incident unfolding on his property. He was very clear about the fact that he did not want Lerner in his home. Embarrassed, she walked away to try another house.

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Lois Lerner didn’t appreciate being targeted by the press, even though they had good reason to come after her. But what goes around comes around. She may have thought pleading the fifth would solve all her problems, but boy was she wrong. Even her own neighbors hate her so much that she is unwelcome in their home.

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H/T: Gateway Pundit

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