Horrifying Footage Shows Mob of Radical Muslims Decimating Church

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This horrifying video shows a throng of radical Islamists attacking a Coptic church in the Egyptian city of Sohag. The angry mob sets vehicles on fire and destroys property. They even make off with furniture from inside of the church before the building becomes engulfed in flames.

Bishop Makarious, a Coptic leader from Minya, told MidEast Christian News:

“We were expecting this scenario weeks before sit-ins were broken up; as it was evident of the incitement being made by Brotherhood leaders against Copts. We were then surprised by the systematic attacks on churches and Copts’ properties, many of them occurring at the same time in different places, in a series of attacks made under a plan they called ‘Plan B’, which targeted all churches to be burned and destroyed.”

The Muslim Brotherhood supporters who devastated this Christian church are backed by Barack Obama. Tell us how you feel about that sickening notion in the comments section.

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H/T: FOX News

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