Disturbing Video of ISIS Parade in Abu Ghraib; Baghdad Airport Now in Jeopardy

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When U.S. soldiers famously tortured and humiliated prisoners in Abu Ghraib, it was international news and demands for justice rightfully resounded worldwide. This video of a parade of ISIS militants surfaces, the cameraman can be heard praising Allah repeatedly for the take over of the entire region, and no one even notices. The world has changed extensively since 2003.

The taking of Abu Ghraib by ISIS now puts the “JV Team”, as Obama so famously referred to them, within striking distance of Baghdad’s airport. What does this mean? Trouble. With the proximity to the airport and the city itself, ISIS can disrupt more of daily life for Iraqis and potentially limit help from outside sources needing to use it. Additionally, civilian travel will become far more dangerous and the strides made towards joining the International Community in Iraq may be negated.

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This is Muslim on Muslim crime. Sunni and Shiite sects of Islam have been going at it for centuries, if not millennia. This, however, is different. Not the typical territorial struggle for one level of radical Islam over another, ISIS is committed to the wiping of Israel from the map, an Islamic caliphate, and death to Americans. How can the U.S. just stand by and watch this happen?

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In the current state of affairs in the U.S., the greatest military in the world is being held under a perpetual “stand down” order. Further, the Obama administration seems all but hell bent on reducing military spending, troop size, and armaments. Russia, North Korea, Iran, and now ISIS are all increasing their military capabilities and the U.S. is drawing down. Something evil is afoot and the greatest force for good to ever exist is complacent. How much blood is on Obama’s hands in this?

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