Obama Yells in Spanish “Yes We Can” Drumming Up Latino Support Before Midterms

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“Divide and conquer” takes on a whole new meaning when one examines the political philosophy of the far left. By dividing the country into small factions of voters who presumably want something from the government that the “majority” doesn’t want, the left has conquered many key voting blocks.

In an effort to inspire Latino voters to participate in the mid-term elections of 2014, President Obama again plagiarized former labor leader, Cesar Chavez. Chavez’ famous slogan “Si, se puede” roughly translates “yes, one can” and was borrowed by Obama’s campaign. For the 37th Annual Awards Gala of the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute in Washington, D.C., however, he added “if we vote.” The CHCI, by the way, is a tax exempt “non partisan” organization.

The President’s speech was rousing…even compelling. It makes one wonder, however, how Chavez would feel about THIS President co-opting his slogan. Chavez was an advocate for border security as he saw an influx of illegal aliens as a threat to the United Farm Workers Union which he worked so hard to create. Wages and working conditions were negotiated for a variety of American born Latinos under this organization.  Chavez opposed exploitation of migrant workers and the wage decimation of members of his own union due to an uncontrolled border.

Conservatives need to invest deeply into the largely religious, hardworking groups of U.S. Citizens who are of Latino heritage. If this group votes together, they can influence elections.

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H/T: Conservative Tribune

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