Holder May Be Going To Jail As House Files New Charges

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More than 2000 guns have “walked” into Mexico from the United States since Project Gunrunner began in 2006. To date, approximately 700 of them have been recovered. After the death of Border Agent Brian Terry in December of 2010, “Operation Fast and Furious” came to light and officials in both Mexico and the United States were held to account. Nearly four years have now passed.

Eric Holder was first held in contempt of Congress June 28, 2012 for refusing to hand over documents related to the operation and President Obama asserted the infamous “executive privilege” for the first time in his Presidency in an effort to thwart Congressional efforts to determine who knew what when.On August 20 of this year, U.S. District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson ordered that Attorney General Holder must produce the requested documents by October 1, 2014. Eric Holder resigned his Cabinet post September 29, 2014. Was this timing coincidental?

Since the documents in question have not been produced, members of the House Oversight Committee have petitioned Judge Berman Jackson to enforce her own ruling. “Should the Court determine that the Attorney General has violated that Order, the Court should impose on the Attorney General an appropriate penalty to coerce his compliance with the August 20 Order, including an escalating daily monetary fine against Eric H. Holder Jr., to be paid by Mr. Holder out of his personal assets, converting to incarceration if the payment of daily monetary fines does not produce compliance within a reasonable period of time,” House Counsel Kerry Kircher and other lawyers wrote in the filing, Politico reported.

The Justice Department, in typical hawk and stall fashion, are feigning outrage and claiming the House agreed to an extension into November for the production of requested documents. House attorneys refute that claim. How much more time is reasonable? More than 2 years after the initial hearings, the American people have not one iota of information about this scandal that has resulted in more than 150 Mexicans dead and the death of our own border agent. It is no wonder talk show hosts and conservatives have taken to calling this division of the administration the “Department of Injustice.” These documents and an explanation are long overdue.

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