Obama Admin’s Attempt to Smear O’Reilly Backfires in a Huge Way

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For the first time in history, Russia has more nuclear warheads deployed than the United States. ISIS is systematically trying to establish a worldwide Islamic caliphate, in which Sharia Law trumps all. Ebola has ravaged West Africa, claiming thousands of lives, and the highly-contagious virus is now present in the U.S. Oh yeah, and nobody knows where the hell Kim Jong-un is. All this, and the State Department’s number one priority is defending themselves from the criticism of Fox News host Bill O’Reilly.

In case you missed it, O’Reilly recently shared his opinion of State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki on the air, saying that she “looks out of her depth.” Perhaps attempting to score some brownie points with her boss, Marie Harf took to Twitter, saying that O’Reilly’s comments prove he lacks “intelligence & class.”

Unfortunately for Harf, her colleague isn’t black, so she couldn’t play the race card. Instead, she opted for the gender card, a close second for Democrats who refuse to employ any logic in their arguments. During a press conference the day after O’Reilly’s remark, Harf called him a sexist, saying:

“I think that when the anchor of a leading cable news show uses quite frankly sexist, personally offensive language that I actually don’t think they would ever use about a man, against the person that shares this podium with me, I think I have an obligation and I think it’s important to step up and say that’s not OK.”

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Harf is so off-base it’s laughable. O’Reilly’s career has been far longer and far more successful than hers. In addition, he has made similar comments regarding men in politics, so Harf’s cries of sexism have no backing. Perhaps she should spend some time reviewing a bit of O’Reilly’s vintage footage. He has leveled far more brutal criticism at Obama, Eric Holder, Joe Biden, Jay Carney and a slew of other men, than he ever has towards Jen Psaki.

O’Reilly was not about to be had, though. He fired back with a clip from one of his previous shows, in which he made similarly unfavorable comments towards White House Press Secretary Josh Earnest. He also invited both Harf and Psaki to come on his show, but they declined.

Even The Washington Post took O’Reilly’s side, referencing a 2008 transcript of the anchor saying that Hillary Clinton possessed “a certain gravitas.” As the Conservative Tribune put it, “When you have The Washington Post defending Fox News against the State Department, you know something’s amiss.” Indeed.

Once again, we bear witness to the regrettable fact that the Obama Administration’s priorities are sorely out of whack. Do you think the State Department has more pressing matters to attend to than Bill O’Reilly’s commentary? Sound off in the comments section.

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