Renowned Civil Rights Lawyer Accused Of Raping Woman After Al Sharpton’s Birthday Party

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The race-pimp community is in trouble this week after top civil rights lawyer Sanford Rubenstein was accused of raping a woman after Al Sharpton’s star studded 60th birthday party.

Rubenstein, 70, is accused of taking a 42 year-old associate of Sharpton’s to his home after the party on Wednesday night and sexually assaulting her there. The pending third degree charges suggest the woman was drunk or passed out at the time, therefore she was incapable of giving consent.

The accusations are still being investigated and Rubenstein has not yet been charged at this time.

In the wake of the accusations, civil rights group National Action Network released the following statement:

“National Action Network and Rel Al Sharpton has not been notified or advised by any official investigating authorities. The allegations as reported occured at a private residence after a NAN even and had nothing to do with NAN nor Rev Al Sharpton, therefore we have no comment at this time.”

Rubenstein is typically one of the first race-baiters to arrive on the scene of any racial crime. Recently, he was named as the lawyer of a heavily pregnant black woman who claimed she was assaulted by the NYPD. He also frequently serves as a legal analyst for CNN and MSNBC.

It looks as though Sharpton and his fellow race-pimps are trying to distance themselves from Rubenstein as much as possible. It remains to be seen what affect this will have on all of their careers.

What do you think the outcome of this will be? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: Daily Mail


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