Former Justice Dept. Lawyer Suing to Get Obama Deported


October 4, 2014 8:13pm PST

Former Justice Department lawyer, Larry Klayman has famously sued, successfully, Cuba and the NSA. Other lawsuits he has pursued include suing Hugo Chavez for torture, suing the Taliban, and suing for Barak Obama’s birth certificate. The founder of Judicial Watch and Freedom Watch, Klayman has now filed suit for Obama’s deportation based on a persuasive list of documents and collection of videos.

It would appear the greatest fraud perpetuated by Obama began before he could consent to participate. Early in the statehood of Hawaii, American citizens could request Hawaiian birth certificates for children born abroad, and it just so happens that law was still in place when President Obama was born.

In more than 20 pages, Klayman’s petition for deportation includes evidence supporting a falsified birth certificate and other documents necessary to obtain a U.S. Passport. He cites a number of laws related to name changes, foreign birth, and the ability of a mother to pass on citizenship to a child when she has lived abroad. He respectfully requests that his petition be taken seriously and not as the vindictive actions of a conservative seeking to harm Obama’s Presidency.

The video included here is the conclusion of the video series which explains in detail why Klayman feels the President’s birth certificate is a forgery. If it is, his case for deportation is compelling. Based on his documentation and precedent cited, even the President’s name is not what it would seem. Legally changed to Barry Soetoro, it would appear proper steps were not taken to change it back to Barak Hussein Obama.

What are the ramifications of discovering President Obama is not a U.S. Citizen? If he is not eligible to run for public office, then one must assume any actions he has taken while fraudulently holding office would be immediately nullified. It is also reasonable to conclude that far more verification of birth and stringent vetting of candidates would be an intended outcome in the future. When questioned about his birth abroad, John McCain produced a litany of documents showing where his father was stationed, which U.S. Naval hospital his mother used to give birth, and every other proof of his right to run for office requested. Where has that due diligence been for Obama?

Deportation may seem extreme, but if it is the legitimate case it appears to be, what does this explain about the surreal experience of the last 6 years? If Obama is not a legitimate U.S. citizen, is it any wonder he takes a liberal view of border security and amnesty? If he has been able to make a mockery of our immigration system and take advantage of our educational system, why wouldn’t he shred the Constitution without hesitation? His extreme deference to Islam and insulting of Israel…it all makes sense.


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