Is Romney Running? Demands Obama Apologize To America

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He has visited Iowa, just like he did before he ran last time. Romney is ginning up support for other Republicans in his birth state of Michigan, just like he did before 2012. It even appears that Romney has recycled the demanding an apology from Obama routine from his failed 2012 Presidential campaign.

Whether Romney runs or not, he is 100% correct that Obama owes this country an apology. Everything from our economy to our military has suffered under Obama’s administration. Will the Governor’s demands be met this time? Only with rousing applause from the conservative faithful, but that may be enough. It was, after all, conservatives who failed to show up for the moderate Romney in 2012. If he can campaign and lead as a true conservative, with the support of conservative Republicans and the TEA Party, Mitt may just have the ticket to getting on the ticket for 2016.


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