Must Watch: Bill Maher and Ben Affleck Square Off About Jihad and Liberalism

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Perhaps it is wrong to delight in the in-fighting of Hollywood liberals, but this little feud is more than fodder for mere entertainment. The liberal belief that Islam is just another peaceful religion poses a threat to U.S. national security and, therefore,  must be challenged. It is shocking, however, that Bill Maher seems to be the man of the hour willing to do it.

Former RNC Chairman Michael Steele and author Sam Harris are lesser players in this democratic drama who seem to offer facts over opinion while Ben and Bill verbally duke it out. Other than the often colorful language, the facts about Jihad are as clearly presented in this video from Maher’s show as anywhere. Affleck’s clearly passionate, but illogical argument begs the oft asked question, why do actors think they know enough to interject themselves into every issue and matters of public policy? When asked directly why he holds a particular opinion, Affleck becomes uncomfortable and has nothing to offer. Maher, however, quotes a disturbing Pew Poll from Egypt that shocks even the informed realist.

Of course entertainers have every right to voice their opinions, but frequently, as in the case of Mr. Affleck, they act strictly on emotion and the injustices presented by the media without ever becoming informed and forming an original opinion. Actors should act and comedians should be funny. In this exchange, Affleck acts appalled and enraged while Maher effectively refutes his every position with facts…and that’s funny!

These two men offer an exciting exchange on a debate that needs to be had at a slightly more influential level. Congress and the President need to investigate these facts and form a strategy to deal with ISIS, Hamas, and other terrorist branches of Islam and quickly. Other countries and even regions of our own nation are already being confronted with Sharia Law. Americans need to stand firm for our Constitution and the very real threat some factions of Islam present to it.

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