3D Machine Produces Untraceable Guns From The Comfort Of Your Own Home

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Piers Morgan must be foaming at the mouth! The inventor behind the 3D gun has revealed his latest project: a machine fully capable of turning out untraceable firearms in the comfort of one’s own home. The Ghost Gunner mill will soon be available to the public for the small price of $1299.


The finished product.


The machine can automatically convert an aluminum block, which can be bought legally for $80, into the main component of an assault rifle.

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Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed said of his revolutionary new machine:

“3-D printing [guns] was about signaling the future. This is about the present. You can use this machine today to create something to the standards you’re used to…The gold standard of the gun community is metal. You can have an unserialized toothbrush, and you can have an unserialized rifle. This is important to me. The untraceable firearm is my stand.”


The metal lower portion built by the Ghost Gunner connects to the stock, barrel, magazine & other parts.

What do you think of this revolutionary new device? Will you be investing in one? Tell us in the comments section.

H/T: Mail Online

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