Whoopi Goldberg Doesn’t Think The Japanese Attacked Pearl Harbor


October 3, 2014 11:43am PST

Whoopi Goldberg is the classic loudmouth liberal who loves to blab about things that she knows nothing about.

For some reason, Bill O’Reilly decided to have Whoopi Goldberg as a guest on his show to talk about how Muslims are treated in the world. However, it quickly becomes clear that Whoopi Goldberg doesn’t know anything about what is happening today.

While Bill is armed with facts and statistics to support his claims, Whoopi has none of these. She demonstrates that she doesn’t even know anything about history when the two of them get into a ridiculous argument about who bombed us at Pearl Harbor.

In the end, Bill O’Reilly exposes Whoopi as the libtard sheep that she is.

Yikes, why can’t liberal actors just keep their mouths shut?


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