Malia & Sasha’s School Evacuated After Receiving Bomb Threat


October 3, 2014 11:01am PST

Malia and Sasha Obama’s prestigious school was evacuated on Thursday due to a suspicious package which appeared on the campus following a bomb threat.

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The Washingtonian reported:

At 9:15 Thursday morning Sidwell Friends School evacuated its students because a suspicious package was found in the private school, which is attended by 16-year-old Malia Obama and 13-year-old Sasha.

DC police responded to the school on Wisconsin Avenue, Northwest, near Tenleytown.

“It was cleared,” says officer Hugh Carew. “There was no hazardous material found.”

Secret Service spokesperson Brian Leary said the school was evacuated temporarily because of a bomb threat. The Secret Service does not send special units to respond to bomb threats at the school, according to Leary. The detail that protects Obama’s daughters was not augmented by other units.

The school refused to comment on whether or not Malia and Sasha were in attendance that day, though it’s likely they were. The First Family was in Washington, so there would have been no reason for the pair to skip school.

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The incident occurred one day after Secret Service chief Julia Pierson resigned on Wednesday, making her replacement’s first day quite eventful. Joe Clancy was called back from retirement to fill in for Pierson. He had served as head of the agency’s presidential protection division until 2011.

Reports of negligence on the part of the Secret Service continue to pour in. It appears that Sidwell Friends School’s Thursday evacuation was the second emergency response of the week, though neither the DC police nor the Secret Service were aware of an incident on Monday, in which students were ordered to move inside the building because of police activity near campus.

It’s safe to say that Sidwell students did not have nearly as many disruptions to their daily routine before Malia and Sasha enrolled in the upscale school. Do you think this bomb threat was the act of an angry American targeting the First Family? Sound off in the comments section.

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