Citizens Sign Petition Demanding White House to Ban Flights from Ebola-Ridden Countries

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As ebola continues to spread throughout the United States, Americans everywhere are starting to fear for their safety. Since the White House doesn’t seem to be doing anything to stop those afflicted with ebola from entering our country, concerned citizens are taking action themselves.

A page called “Ban All Flights From Ebola-Ridden West African Countries” is going viral on Thursday night. The page was formed after a patient afflicted with ebola was placed in quarantine in Dallas, Texas.

This patient had flown into the country from West Africa and proceeded to come in contact with over 100 people before he was hospitalized. These people could in turn have affected hundreds of thousands of others since then.

Despite this threat to our nation, the Obama administration refuses to ban flights from West Africa from landing on our soil. On any given day, at least a dozen flights to and from Liberia are readily available. When the flights from West Africa land in the U.S., the passengers are given little to no medical tests to ensure that they are healthy.

The UN has warned that we have four weeks at most to get this virus under control before it becomes unbeatable. How many Americans need to contract Ebola before the Obama administration takes action? Check out the petition here to find out more information and let your voice be heard!

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