Mom Gets Epic Revenge On Bratty Daughter For Skipping School

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Jeannie Crutchfield was at her wits end when it came to her 14 year-old daughter Ricki. Entitled and bratty, Ricki has been skipping classes for months to hang out with her friends. When Jeannie confronted her about it, Ricki denied it, so the Wyoming mother took action.

Jeannie decided to head to her daughter’s school to follow her around and make sure she attended every one of her classes.

“What’s wrong, Ri? You don’t want everybody to know why I’m here?” Mom asked as she followed a humiliated Ricki, later adding: “You thought it was cute to ditch with your friends; now let’s see how cute you think it is to hang out with Mom in class…shall we?”

“So guess what we’re doing Ricki?” Jeannie inquires in another sequence. “We’re gonna hold hands and we’re gonna go to class and sit together. Isn’t that great? Mommy and daughter?”

Jeannie published the video to youtube, and it is already going viral. The online video is accompanied with the preface, “This is what happens when my daughter Rickilee Durrant can’t act right at school…enjoy parents.”

I doubt Ricki will ever miss a class again…

What do you think of this punishment? Is it effective, or just plain humiliating? Let us know in the comments below!

H/T: The Blaze

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